What Drives You?

I believe the purpose of riches (and its multiplication through investment) is to build something useful that outlives me. Therefore, I would like to die with scarcely anything to my name. I hope to distribute it all.

I believe that while building that thing that would outlive me, I really don’t need more than what is required to live comfortably and to foster structures that create more value.

As much as possible, I’m trying to impact my world, while I still have the energy and clarity of youth. I understand that ceaseless activity does not equate to success. And so, I am wary of activities that distract me from thinking deeply about life; that prevent me from contemplating my frailties from time to time.

And so I ask, “What drives you?” Could you commit to a few things that give you purpose, instead of several things that make you busy?

I think you’ll be better off for it.

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