What Drives You?

I believe the purpose of riches and its multiplication through investment is to facilitate building something useful that outlives us.

Therefore, I seek to die with absolutely nothing to my name that has not already been pegged for distribution.

I believe we should seek to pour everything we have into building that which outlives us, keeping no more than is required to live, operate and create new value.

We must continually ask – What can we build for the next generation with the energy and clarity of mind of youth? What life project can we begin or progress?

Ceaseless activity does not equate with purpose. We must be wary of activities that distract us from thinking deeply about life; that prevent us from coming face-to-face with ourselves.

So, I ask – What drives you? Can you commit to a few things that drive you not several things that distract you?

I think you’ll be better off for it.

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