The Toothpaste Personality Test


The way I treat my toothpaste is a perfect metaphor for my personality.

I squeeze it in the middle for convenience, then at the end of each week, I straighten it out for symmetry. I use Sensodyne because I have sensitive teeth but add a squirt of Close-up for taste.

I am right and left brained; creative and analytical; practical and spirited.

How do you squeeze your toothpaste?

How I squeeze my toothpaste is a perfect metaphor for my personality. Click To Tweet

Invest fast. Sleep less. Be daring. For every American or European platform that rejects you because
I grew up in a time when professing Christianity, meant you stopped smoking, drinking, fornicating and clubbing. So
I am not a hustler. The moment work becomes mind-numbing, repetitive, hard and unfulfilling, I know
I am focused because I get tired easily. Emotionally tired. And so, I have learnt

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