Should You Relocate?

Should a Nigerian relocate to a foreign country in search of better opportunities? Has God purposed that you should remain in Nigeria, because you were born here? People have often asked me these questions. In this article, I respond. I believe purpose and destiny evolve and change based on proclamations from God, negotiations with God, environmental circumstances[…]


Democracy is Not Free

Sometimes citizens are lulled into thinking democracy is an entitlement and that it is free. But you are guaranteed rights only in so far as your rights can be enforced. Without enforcement, rights are no more valuable than the paper on which they are inscribed on. Democracy is not free. Political progress in general comes[…]


Nigerians Need Therapy!

Nigerians need therapy. We are in desperate need of healing and require deliverance from our predilection for plotting evil against one other. We must quench our gleeful joy when we pull down the successful and overcome our preference for the religious shackles of the Law. We must shed the belief that things must be difficult instead of easy. Nigerians needs therapy. Everything around[…]

Social Elections

According to Wikipedia, in 2014, India held the largest-ever election in the world. With 814.5 million people eligible to vote, about 23.1 million or 2.7% of them were aged 18–19. The percentage election turnout was 66.38%, the highest ever in the history of Indian general elections. As you may know, the National Democratic Alliance led by the Bharatiya Janata[…]

Who Will Go For Us?

Sometime in the last decade, my generation became politically active. Almost as a collective, the privileged young elite woke up to the realisation that there was something deeply troubling about Nigeria. To be sure, my generation has participated in Student Unions and played our ignominious role as political thugs and hangers-on.  We have even commented[…]