Ordinary Cheating

I’ve been chewing on this article for a while. I recently read a post on Facebook about marriage. In it, an older woman advised younger women to not be too quick to leave their marriages because of “ordinary” cheating. I understood the context of the advice – the willingness to work through tough challenges. But, the post assumed everyone[…]


Go and Marry

An individual who responds to every statement by an intelligent woman with, “Go and marry” lacks the mental rigour to respond to facts with counter-facts. Instead, he/she reaches into a malnourished mental arsenal for insults instead of well burnished tools of dialogue. “Go and marry” is akin to an Engineer having an intelligent conversation with a Doctor[…]


On Divorce

This is a treatise on my personal journey to understanding Christian scriptures on divorce. It is not designed as a doctrinal position but is a quest to comprehend my Father’s heart on the subject. I encourage you to conduct independent studies and come to your own conclusions. It is also important to read the cited scriptures[…]