Bed of Sin

When I wake up from the bed of sin When I get up from the table of greed When I recover from the hangover of power You are still there Coaching, guiding and helping me become The better version of myself you know I can be


Religious Envy

Let me teach you something about religious envy. The knowledge of God is supposed to bring out the best in people but for some, it produces personality dislocations, emanating from pride. Maybe it’s because God is the greatest personality in the universe, so in the same way that people freak out when they’re close to[…]

Cold shoulder

Cold Shoulder

Cold shoulder  – the fashion style not the attitude – is here to stay and I’m greatly enjoying the chagrin of the Sunday morality police. I love it when a generation figuratively gives the “middle finger” to “religion”. People come to church (and to Jesus) as they are and not how others want them to[…]


Running From God

I shared with a friend the other day, that I used to run away from God. I felt that if I opened up to him completely, he would “take over” my life and I wouldn’t be in control anymore 😀😀😀. I was also intimidated and overwhelmed by him. No sooner had I grasped a revelation about him[…]



I once wrote an article about Jesus’ pleasant habit of interrupting our lives. I would like to build on it. Sometimes we believe we must be deserving of mercy before we can have it. We think we must earn spiritual power before we can experience it. We are burdened by condemnation and so we fast[…]


The Law’s Limits

There’s something limiting about a Christian seeking to perfect himself/herself by observing the Law. Paul pointed out the absurdity when he remarked: “Let me put this question to you: How did your new life begin? Was it by working your heads off to please God? Or was it by responding to God’s Message to you? Are you going[…]


About Grace

If you’ve ever struggled with guilt and condemnation or would like to understand grace, you should read the Book of Romans (preferably the Message translation). Grace loses its essence when you imagine you have to do something to earn it; when you think you (or a spiritual leader) must determine your penance. When God forgives you,[…]