This Cursed Form of Christianity

I’ve been battling with Christianity for a while especially the fact that Jesus didn’t found the “religion” called Christianity in the first place. From my limited understanding of scripture, I see that Jesus came to help us forge a direct relationship with God which supersedes the Law of the Old Testament. He came to help us build lives dedicated[…]

social media

Social Media & the Church: Urgent Imperatives

This presentation describes the importance of social media to the Christian Church. It puts forward arguments for engagement and demonstrates how churches can engage the public and spread the Good News using social media platforms. View it in landscape mode (flip your phone sideways). You may also download it here.



I’ve been studying two scriptures over and over again. They have become a galvanising force, dictating the things I invest my time in and the subjects I’m passionate about. They are shaping my purpose in life and my concept of what the role of Church in society should be. Let me share the scriptures with[…]



Sometimes, Christians spend so much time trying to avoid offending people that I wonder if we ever check whether God himself is offended. The Bible will never win any awards for being the world’s most balanced or uncontroversial book. It rarely balances things. It takes strong moral positions on many issues but does so in love. Therefore, I don’t understand the[…]