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I love to speak about how social media impacts businesses, brands, youth culture and the church. I also track social media trends on an ongoing basis. Lately, I’ve begun to advise young professionals about financial responsibility.

If you would like to invite me to speak at your event or to facilitate a practical social media workshop, please send me an email. In your mail, kindly describe the following to help me to respond appropriately:

  • Type of audience e.g students, career professionals, church leaders etc.
  • Location e.g Lagos, New York etc.
  • Type of speaking engagement e.g presentation, panel, practical workshop etc.
  • Whether it is paid or pro bono
  • Whether your organisation will be responsible for logistics

Please view my FAQs to explore my practical teachings. Also, here are a few of my lectures:

Becoming a Corporate Brand Asset

Graduating Into Impact

Church Shift: Influencing Culture Through Digital Media

Social Media & the Church: Urgent Imperatives