Prosperity Gospel?


If you believe your prosperity is a result of God’s love for you or his reward for your hard work, then you may assume God hates the poor. That in some way, you are better than them.

If you believe that good things happen to you only when you are good, it stands to reason that you would blame yourself when things go wrong. Therein lies your inability to forgive yourself. You assume you are the cause of your own calamity. Not so. The issues of life are nonexclusive. Shit happens to everyone. Mistakes are tutorials, not punishments.

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A flaw in "religion", is it seems to be designed for what people hope to be. It focuses on
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I've been reading the Bible for a long time. Different translations. Several instances. I've come
I grew up in a time when professing Christianity, meant you stopped smoking, drinking, fornicating and clubbing. So

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