On Depression

I believe depression is NOT an issue to be trivialised or responded to in an offhand manner. Like other types of psychological trauma, we have for too long in Nigeria pushed depression under the table and asked people to just deal with it.

It is my opinion that it is presumptuous to think that every person dealing with depression can easily overcome it or even has the strength to believe they can. It is wrong to dismissively suggest they need faith or religious deliverance. It is insensitive to assume that only those who lack material things or blessings have cause to be depressed.

If you are lucky enough to have overcome depression, you shouldn’t use your experience, knowledge (or lack thereof) to make sweeping statements or generalisations about others. Seek to understand, cite credible facts & data about the issue not just personal exceptions.

Finally, may God not visit upon us the things we mock so we can learn humility and sensitivity.

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