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Portrait of Nellie Lutcher, New York, N.Y., 1946/1948 [LOC]

I’m beginning to understand why Jazz, Country and other forms of  “classic” music are referred to as elevated music (relative to “popular” music). It’s not so much the style of music as the elevated thought required to create or understand it.
It takes patience to listen to the storyline; experience to relate to it; exposure to understand it and good taste to appreciate it. Only a contemplative soul can discern the subtlety of instrumentation. It’s not in-your-face or shamelessly obvious. The noble can deeply recognise the hard work and character needed to tow the unpopular line to create complex art.

Pop music is like brash sex without foreplay or seduction. It lacks finesse. Elevated music is like a 3-course meal in a deliberately chosen restaurant with mood lighting and vintage wine.

Elevated music calls to your spirit; makes you want to make love to it over & over, plumb its depth and build a lifelong friendship. Popular Hip Hop or R n B sometimes leaves a sour taste in your mouth. Its unoriginality astounds you. Its baseness and disrespect for any and everything surprises you. You wonder how an artiste could take a chorus, repeat it over & over, add a beat and present it as a finished work of art. Sometimes it does a pretty good job of capturing in 4 minutes all the things wrong with a generation – the shallowness; commercialisation and desperation.

I’m beginning to acquire the patience required for elevated music; broadening and stretching my musical palate. I listen to a lot of different genres nowadays, especially Country, Bluegrass and Folk Music. It’s been an interesting and exploratory journey. I wonder what music has captured your heart and mind lately? My Twitter handle is @SubomiPlumptre. I’d like to hear from you.

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