I’m Hungry


Some types of sexual hunger are very specific. It’s why it’s ridiculous and unhelpful to suggest that one eats whatever is available.

There is a sexual hunger that accompanies the exhilaration of achievement so having a safe outlet is essential for overachievers. Then there is a sexual hunger that accompanies loneliness. No, it’s not a hunger per se but more like a desire to be held or comforted.

When you’re famished, it seems like any type of food will do. But if you have a discriminating palate, you know better.

In this video, I speak about my personal struggles with desire, as a Christian.
Very few people are innately creative or innovative. I know. I work in the creative
One day, I was about to do the do with a dude. (Stay with me.
I believe the most critical sex organ is the brain and not the penis or

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