No bullsh*t, please

Young and Nigerian Interview Adesubomi Plumptre is a young woman who has made huge strides as a manager in such a short time – armed, she says with laughter, with Iced tea and fresh ‘chin-chin’!. Author, brand consultant and passionate Nigerian, this multi-tasker shares what drives her in this sharp conversation What are the first five[…]

Juliet Ehimuan, Akintunde Oyebode, Franklin Ozekhome … SEE our top young corporate players #YNaijaPowerList

These are no ordinary white collar workers; they could easily be referred to as super heroes in suits. Holding very unique positions, these young corporate men and women are the backbone of well established companies relying on their clock-work brains for results and they deliver. Juliet Ehimuan is Manager for Google Nigeria. According to Forbes[…]

The 20 Laws of Nigerian Politics

To understand Nigerian politics is to understand the following: Almost every power play is executed by proxies, many times without the direct knowledge of the Principal. Proxies are all powerful; getting away with murder in the name of the Presidency, ex-Presidents, Ministers, wives of political appointees & elected officials and so on. Politics is about[…]

Contemporary Christianity

I’ve been mulling over a lot of issues lately; looking at the lives and hearts of christians and wondering whether we are really any different from unbelievers. I’ve also been reading Ted Dekker’s Slumber of Christianity. I know that the incorruptible seed of God that is in us. Also the righteousness we have in Jesus[…]