Gamji Park

My Kaduna Trip

In Kaduna, I stayed at Green Suites, located in a very accessible area of Kaduna town – Barnawa. It’s easily located on Google Maps. The service is okay; the food not so much (too much oil). If you’re familiar with the high prices of hotels in Lagos, then Green Suites will be ultra affordable for[…]


Trip to Rome

In summer, Rome is wonderfully warm. A smorgasbord of art, architecture, history and food, it is expensive and a tad dirty. If you like art and food, you will love Rome. I particularly enjoyed its frozen delights – Gelato and fresh juices – and my walks through the Piazzas and narrow streets lined by cobblestones infused with basalt.[…]

Brazil Trip (2)

The Rio Carnaval is truly amazing! It’s worth every expensive Real and is an experience of a lifetime. The Carnaval takes place over a period of a week with street parades and grand performances at the Sambadrome (like the Tafewa Balewa Square in Lagos). 12 groups (called schools, though they are not academic schools) compete[…]