Gamji Park

My Kaduna Trip

In Kaduna, I stayed at Green Suites, located in a very accessible area of Kaduna town – Barnawa. It’s easily located on Google Maps. The service is okay; the food not so much (too much oil). If you’re familiar with the high prices of hotels in Lagos, then Green Suites will be ultra affordable for[…]


Trip to Rome

In summer, Rome is wonderfully warm. A smorgasbord of art, architecture, history and food, it is expensive and a tad dirty. If you like art and food, you will love Rome. I particularly enjoyed its frozen delights – Gelato and fresh juices – and my walks through the Piazzas and narrow streets lined by cobblestones infused with basalt.[…]

Brazil Trip (2)

The Rio Carnaval is truly amazing! It’s worth every expensive Real and is an experience of a lifetime. The Carnaval takes place over a period of a week with street parades and grand performances at the Sambadrome (like the Tafewa Balewa Square in Lagos). 12 groups (called schools, though they are not academic schools) compete[…]

Brazil Trip

My strongest impression of Brazil thus far is that no matter the colour of your skin, your body shape or size, you can enjoy being who you are. In Brazil, the people speak freely about what they call “the mix”. The country is a melting pot of so many nationalities, religions and cultures. A typical[…]