Discipline isn’t something you cultivate only when you have someone looking over your shoulder, or when you have an “accountability partner”. My parents are dead and I don’t have an accountability partner. When I travel alone and have the money to finance sin; when I have as many options as I can imagine; when Hollywood[…]


The Wait

I was having a conversation with God about building my dream home someday. Something with a lot of space, light and fruit trees. He asked if I had identified a builder. I said no. What about an architect? I replied in the negative once more. Then he asked incredulously, “So you mean if one million[…]


I Like Simple Things

I like simple things because I’m complex. My reductionist mind tries to simplify everything outside me, to balance out the complexities inside me. That’s why I can’t stand colourful rooms or people that gesticulate and effuse. Neutral tones calm me. I find incredible joy in coffee and chinchin; music and movies. I have a predilection[…]


Art & Beauty

I like art. Any time I’m going to church, the Lagos At 50 art installations make me smile. I don’t really understand art and I can’t tell good art from bad, but it reminds me of beauty. Beauty is something we desperately need in the world, but it’s not common. Art calls my attention to[…]


Your Deepest Fear

You are deeply afraid. You worry everyday. No one would believe you. Your life seems to be going so well. Yet, you’re deeply dissatisfied and discontented. You wonder if you’re just ungrateful. After all, there’s no personal crisis in your life. No health challenges. You just want more. You know there’s more out there and[…]



I was deeply unhappy for months. I wrote about it here. Recently, I read something that brought home a major cause of unhappiness in people’s lives – lack of progress. We have an image in our minds of what life should be. As long as we don’t seem to be moving towards that picture, we[…]



You are free in Christ. So many doors are open to you. Opportunities. Experiences. No one is holding you. There is liberty. But there are some experiences that are not worth having. They change your soul. You are like a finely constructed machine, constantly being programmed by media. And you have the capacity to install[…]