Assumptions & Stereotypes

I’m wondering if there’s any merit in correcting assumptions and stereotypes. For example, a woman says she’s working late and someone she barely knows assumes she must be a workaholic from that statement. Hmmn… It would seem illogical to arrive at a conclusion from a single statement. One could say it betrays a certain narrow-mindedness, when a person[…]

Briefcase 2

The Adjustment Bureau

I love The Adjustment Bureau. It’s a 2011 movie, starring Matt Damon as a rising politician and Emily Blunt as a dancer. I’ve watched it twice. The central plot of the movie is that Damon and Blunt are supposed to fall in love and be together, but the powers that be (euphemistically called, The Adjustment Bureau), decide[…]

Cultural Relationships

Cultural Relationships

Every man & woman should read this. I have been in a few relationships and observed many more. I also manage a therapy platform inspired by a relationship mentoring column. My experience with therapy means I am aware of the dark underbelly of Nigerian relationships. I am slightly disillusioned as I now understand why some Nigerians premise relationship[…]