Why am I Different?

I am fascinated by the biblical character called, Ruth. She was a Moabitess who married a Jew. When her husband died, she moved to Israel with her mother-in-law, Naomi; leaving culture, family and gods behind. The last item is telling. Those who lived in Canaan were fascinated by gods – Israelites and foreigners alike. The[…]


Issa New Year!

Last year, I became afraid of God’s casual statements. Afraid in an exciting and wondrous way. My relationship with God is simplistic. When I need to discuss something important, I spend quality time with him. I read the Bible and while doing so, God speaks to me. I also talk to him in the stillness[…]


The Man Died

I watched a man die yesterday. He was a pedestrian with bad timing, who crossed a busy interstate road. He was hit by the car in front of me. A few thoughts struck me, after I jolted myself from the incredible shock and sorrow. When the pedestrian and driver made plans for the new year,[…]


Exposure Not Education

I broke up with my boyfriend because he didn’t know who Tevin Campbell was. It wasn’t about Tevin Campbell. The problem was, he didn’t listen to secular music. And so, I broke up with him because I had a terrible premonition that on my wedding night, we would be making love to the music of Don Moen! I came face-to-face[…]


Trust Equity

There are different measures of trust. Sometimes, they help you to uncover who your current friends and future business partners are. There are people you cannot leave alone in a room with your phone, or sit across the table from with an open letter. Their eyes will stray. They are snitches and busybodies who lack discretion.[…]


I Just Left Prison

I just left prison. Kirikiri Medium Security Prison, to be precise. I accompanied a friend, on a mission to free inmates who had the option of fines. Some inmates spend months and in some cases years in prison, for “loitering” if they cannot afford a N50,000 fine! Another popular “offence” is, “No visible means of livelihood”. So, you are sentenced[…]


My Life Pattern

When I think of the money I spend on knowledge, I shudder. From books to courses to training, I love to learn and I have studied how knowledge aligns with my life pattern. There’s a book I read that said, if you study your life, you will see patterns in how God deals with you. In[…]


Dawn Treader

I cannot state how important it is for me to wake up before dawn, a few days a week. Having the opportunity to read for hours; to think, to plan and to talk to God is priceless. I prefer morning because everyone else is asleep. I can’t hear cars on the road or generator noises. All[…]