God Hears You

Too many things have tried to destroy you. Your molester. Your parents. Mockers. Bullies. Failure. Even your country. You are an empty shell. You can’t even conceptualise self-confidence not to talk of aspire to it. You hang on to life by a thread. But I see you. I know who you are. Tonight, I felt[…]


You Want Me To Do What?!

Very few people are innately creative or innovative. I know. I work in the creative industry. For so many people, everything they know about sex was learnt from books, movies and other partners. They ought to remember that, when they¬†start making sexual demands that are non-consultative. They have a body of knowledge and the other[…]

Dude 2

Do The Do

One day, I was about to do the do with a dude. (Stay with me. I’m going somewhere.) He was very eligible and I half-wondered why he was interested in me. He was certifiably team beard gang and for some reason he was crazy about me. I wasn’t as crazy about him. but I was[…]


Conversation Gone Wrong

We tend to betray our provincialism and desire to control others in our conversations. Scarcely can we hide our mindsets, even when we try. Anytime I have the three conversations that follow, I am deeply saddened by most of the exchanges. Conversation One You: Hi dear. Are you home yet? (It’s 7pm) Me: (Ignores the[…]


Rape Stories

I was thinking about Nigerian stories of male and female rape today. Publicising stories about rape will reduce its opportunistic nature, as people become more vigilant. It will also bring some relief to the victims. But, I’m wondering when Nigeria will finally tackle rape’s root causes – impunity, little or no consequence and easy access[…]


Bed of Sin

When I wake up from the bed of sin When I get up from the table of greed When I recover from the hangover of power You are still there Coaching, guiding and helping me become The better version of myself you know I can be