How You Walk Into a Room

You stride in like the space and everything in it belongs to you. You walk into the room oblivious about everything and everyone but the purpose for which you came. You walk in, adjusting your ill-fitting clothes. You walk in, shy and self-conscious, looking down, until you almost trip over something. You walk in flaunting[…]


Should You Relocate?

Should a Nigerian relocate to a foreign country in search of better opportunities? Has God purposed that you should remain in Nigeria, because you were born here? People have often asked me these questions. In this article, I respond. I believe purpose and destiny evolve and change based on proclamations from God, negotiations with God, environmental circumstances[…]


Ordinary Cheating

I’ve been chewing on this article for a while. I recently read a post on Facebook about marriage. In it, an older woman advised younger women to not be too quick to leave their marriages because of “ordinary” cheating. I understood the context of the advice – the willingness to work through tough challenges. But, the post assumed everyone[…]



Those who have a sense of entitlement rarely enact laws which strip them of their privilege. I remember when I lived with my parents. The housing estate enacted a law banning all commercial motorcycles from entry after 7 pm. There was no other means of transportation within the estate. So, those without cars had to trek[…]