My God Walk Part Three

In my earlier posts on my God walk, I described how as a child, I couldn’t reconcile God with fear, wretchedness and unhappiness. It seemed God took sadistic pleasure in making his followers poor, unkempt, judgemental and condemnatory. I figured if this was the reality of Christianity, then I wanted nothing to do with it.[…]


God Understands You

One of my greatest moments of discovery was realising that God is understanding and he also understands me. He is understanding of my flaws. I have never heard an accusing word from him, even when I am busy condemning myself. (Maybe that’s why it is easy to tune out condemnatory sermons. They are so un-Christian).[…]


Almighty God

I do not know the “Almighty God”. I’ve never met him. I’m reading the Bible for maybe the twentieth time. I’ve lost count. Right now, I am in Exodus and am amazed at the plagues and wonders attributed to God. In Genesis, he clearly revealed himself through physical appearances and through manifestations in dreams, visions[…]


When God is Silent

One of the greatest pains in life is when God seemingly betrays you. You call on him at the point of your deepest need and he does not respond. Worse, he doesn’t say why he won’t answer. He’s silent and nothing you do, whether fasting, prayer or works, changes things. I’ve been there. I’ve been[…]


Struggling to Pray

A few years ago, my church at the time chose to focus on prayer. For some months, we would meet every day for about three hours to pray. I would typically make it for three or four days in the week. At first, I struggled. Formal prayer isn’t my thing. But by the time I[…]



You are free in Christ. So many doors are open to you. Opportunities. Experiences. No one is holding you. There is liberty. But there are some experiences that are not worth having. They change your soul. You are like a finely constructed machine, constantly being programmed by media. And you have the capacity to install[…]


Knock! Knock!

It is so easy to love God. He is non-judgmental. He is creative, interesting, witty, humorous and kind. He gives his spirit freely, so you are energised, changed and empowered to obey him. You need to stop striving. Just stop. You need to surrender so he can work through you and in you. You need[…]