Controversial Scripture

I used to wonder why God did not make scriptures clear and non-controversial in doctrinal interpretation. Sometimes, it seemed like he communicated his word to different readers as multiple-choice scripts instead of closed statements. He put the Holy Spirit in the mix as an interpreter and catalyst. One day, I read a scripture that helped[…]


My God Walk Part Three

In my earlier posts on my God walk, I described how as a child, I couldn’t reconcile God with fear, wretchedness and unhappiness. It seemed God took sadistic pleasure in making his followers poor, unkempt, judgemental and condemnatory. I figured if this was the reality of Christianity, then I wanted nothing to do with it.[…]


God Understands You

One of my greatest moments of discovery was realising that God is understanding and he also understands me. He is understanding of my flaws. I have never heard an accusing word from him, even when I am busy condemning myself. (Maybe that’s why it is easy to tune out condemnatory sermons. They are so un-Christian).[…]


Almighty God

I do not know the “Almighty God”. I’ve never met him. I’m reading the Bible for maybe the twentieth time. I’ve lost count. Right now, I am in Exodus and am amazed at the plagues and wonders attributed to God. In Genesis, he clearly revealed himself through physical appearances and through manifestations in dreams, visions[…]