I Need God

I am a high achiever with a very creative mind. I am also a realist. I have learnt that I cannot thrive emotionally or exist in peace, outside of the presence of God. That means I must nurture that presence by spending time with him. In addition, I cannot thrive intellectually or creatively outside of[…]


Pastors, be Understanding

Dear Pastor, Nigerians have been unkind to you. You have become unwitting whipping posts and poster boys for financial profligacy, snake oil magic tricks, hedonistic pride and the dark art of killing enemies. That is unfortunate. Many of you truly love God. You did not go into ministry for money, power or fame. Therefore, I[…]


Prosperity Gospel?

If you believe your prosperity is a result of God’s love for you or his reward for your hard work, then you may assume God hates the poor. That in some way, you are better than them. If you believe that good things happen to you only when you are good, it stands to reason[…]



One of the reasons why my faith is solid, is that I had such a wonderful man for a dad. All I need to do is imagine my dad and the relationship I had with him, and I have a mental image of God. That’s why I withdraw when folks try to tell me how to worship[…]


Convert, or Else!

One of the more divisive edicts in Christian theology is the instruction to “Preach the Gospel and make disciples of all men.” Unfortunately, some have taken this to mean conversion, whether the people want it or not. Others have embraced the mindset that Christians are better than those they seek to convert, and they are[…]


Why Do You Serve God?

Anytime I witness a debate about “Eternal Salvation”, I am less concerned about the theological debates, than a realisation that many Christians do not love God. They are not in love with him. Rather, they serve him because they are afraid of hell, curses and poverty. They are essentially in an abusive relationship with their creator.[…]


Success is Christian

When some Christians say God’s measure of success is not man’s measure of success, it may be a cop out or excuse for mediocrity. Excellence and success are English words that have generally agreed meanings. When God was going to build the Tent of Meeting, he chose the very best craftsmen and poured out his[…]


Controversial Scripture

I used to wonder why God did not make scriptures clear and non-controversial in doctrinal interpretation. Sometimes, it seemed like he communicated his word to different readers as multiple-choice scripts instead of closed statements. He put the Holy Spirit in the mix as an interpreter and catalyst. One day, I read a scripture that helped[…]