A Flaw in Religion

A flaw in “religion”, is it seems to be designed for what people hope to be. It focuses on ideals, transformation and change. But, it appears to do a terrible job of dealing with people’s current realities and their every day struggles. Too many times, faith is used as a talisman to escape life. Thus, religion grapples with contemporaneous issues and[…]

Is the Bible a Problem?

I’ve been reading the Bible for a long time. Different translations. Several instances. I’ve come to an unsettling realisation that its interpretation, is shaped by intellect, context, culture, history, language, grammar and comprehension. These factors influenced the writers and impact the readers. A deeper layer is what happens, when those who read the Bible, cannot read[…]

I Used to Drink…

I grew up in a time when professing Christianity, meant you stopped smoking, drinking, fornicating and clubbing. So quite a few church testimonies began with, “I used to drink but…” I drink and occasionally go clubbing with friends. I know several other Christians who do. So, I wonder what the standard of our transformation is. When many people[…]

About my Church Social Media Book

I was introduced to cashless banking, when I saw the first ATMs at Société Générale Bank, Lagos Island. Years later, Guaranty Trust Bank revolutionised banking in Nigeria, when it introduced Mastercard and ushered in simplified internet banking services. Today, this generation takes borderless banking for granted. While my first games included Monopoly and Whot, my[…]

One Conversation With God

When I fool around sexually, God is there. It is doubtful that his presence is a ringing endorsement. Instead, I imagine he’s there to prove that nothing can separate us. His love will pursue me to the ends of the earth. He is that committed to our relationship. I think about Zacchaeus sometimes (as recounted in[…]

Gifts of God

The “gifts and calling of God are without repentance.” God has never changed his mind about or withdrawn the gifts he gave me, because I annoyed him. Sometimes, we have a transactional perspective of sin. It isn’t something that is paid for by the blood of Jesus. Instead, it is something we pay for daily, when[…]