Running From God

I shared with a friend the other day, that I used to run away from God. I felt that if I opened up to him completely, he would “take over” my life and I wouldn’t be in control anymore 😀😀😀. I was also intimidated and overwhelmed by him. No sooner had I grasped a revelation about him[…]


The Evolving Church

I once wrote, “Jesus has never been intimidated by the questions of men. It is men who fear questions and conveniently stifle them with cries of blasphemy!” I’ve been thinking deeply about the current structure of the Christian church. I wondered why the Apostles set up the organisational structures they did – Deacons, Overseers and[…]



I once wrote an article about Jesus’ pleasant habit of interrupting our lives. I would like to build on it. Sometimes we believe we must be deserving of mercy before we can have it. We think we must earn spiritual power before we can experience it. We are burdened by condemnation and so we fast[…]



A while ago, I became aware of the songs we sing in church. It was about the time I stopped singing, “I Surrender All.” I knew I wasn’t ready to surrender all to God and so I stopped lying about it in song. Another song caught my attention, “Majesty”. As I pondered the song, it[…]


Christianity or Secular Humanism (Part 1)

You founded a company and retain a position as Executive Chairman of the Board. You have controlling shares. You’ve crafted a detailed mission & constitution for the organisation and have committed both to the capable hands of Management to execute. Unfortunately, Management consistently ignores your mission, breaks the rules of your corporate charter and repeatedly[…]


The Wisdom of God

I don’t know a lot about the worship of God. Perhaps those who lead praise & worship are on more intimate terms with God than I am. I also know little about the fearfulness of God. Pastors probably do, seeing that God is both Father and Boss to them. They must get disciplined more often than I do. My[…]