Study Notes: Romans 15

Love, the universal law, should guide our actions as Christians. We needn’t hesitate to give up privileges, if they hurt the conscience of a young believer. I imagine that this is how such consideration works in practice – During his earthly ministry, Jesus spoke and walked carefully amongst the mixed multitude, but was freer among[…]


Religious Envy

Let me teach you something about religious envy. The knowledge of God is supposed to bring out the best in people but for some, it produces personality dislocations, emanating from pride. Maybe it’s because God is the greatest personality in the universe, so in the same way that people freak out when they’re close to[…]

Cold shoulder

Cold Shoulder

Cold shoulder  – the fashion style not the attitude – is here to stay and I’m greatly enjoying the chagrin of the Sunday morality police. I love it when a generation figuratively gives the “middle finger” to “religion”. People come to church (and to Jesus) as they are and not how others want them to[…]


Satan’s Love

This message is for men who try to save women and for women who try to save men. You’re interested in or dating someone right now but there’s a check in your spirit. You know the dots don’t add up and you feel slightly troubled. You suspect the person you’re with may be involved in[…]

Mind sex

Mind Sex

I believe the most critical sex organ is the brain and not the penis or vagina. Sex begins with and is fueled by imagination. Because Christian doctrine tells us that pre-marital sex is to be avoided, many Christians struggle with mind sex – mostly masturbation and its fuel – porn. It’s an escape; a way[…]