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Waking Thoughts 18: Hiring for Personality

The reason why the personalities of Nigerians seem more hardwired than in many other nations may be that culturally, we are resistant to change, innovation and youth independence. As a manager, you may be better off recruiting the right personality for each role than expecting people to change. It’s easier to teach a skill than to adjust a personality,[…]


Agric. Investment: My FarmCrowdy Experience

In 2016, I was privileged to visit groundbreaking projects by Ashoka Fellows in Lagos. Ashoka is an international organisation that is committed to identifying and investing in community changemakers. One project that caught my attention was a Farmer’s Cooperative led by Africanfarmer Mogaji. I had heard of him before; the man who legally changed his[…]


Waking Thoughts 10: Innovation

1. The hallmarks of a premium product are flexibility, options, customisation and on-demand service 2. If you’re tired of coming second place, change the game. PepsiCo played second fiddle to Coca-Cola in the beverage industry but then they ventured into food. Today, according to Fortune, PepsiCo is the world’s 2nd most admired food company while-Coca[…]


Waking Thoughts 8: Business & Change

Many years ago, Unilever went through a radical corporate transformation. They embraced a concept called “compassionate capitalism”. In practice, it meant developing products that cost $1 or less so people in Third World countries could afford them. It also meant the company introduced greener manufacturing practices like reducing the amount of water used. They lost[…]