Prosperity Gospel?

If you believe your prosperity is a result of God’s love for you or his reward for your hard work, then you may assume God hates the poor. That in some way, you are better than them. If you believe that good things happen to you only when you are good, it stands to reason[…]



One of the reasons why my faith is solid, is that I had such a wonderful man for a dad. All I need to do is imagine my dad and the relationship I had with him, and I have a mental image of God. That’s why I withdraw when folks try to tell me how to worship[…]


Convert, or Else!

One of the more divisive edicts in Christian theology is the instruction to “Preach the Gospel and make disciples of all men.” Unfortunately, some have taken this to mean conversion, whether the people want it or not. Others have embraced the mindset that Christians are better than those they seek to convert, and they are[…]