Dawn Treader

I cannot¬†state how important it is for me to wake up before dawn, a few days a week. Having the opportunity to read for hours; to think, to plan and to talk to God is priceless. I prefer morning because everyone else is asleep. I can’t hear cars on the road or generator noises. All[…]


I Need God

I am a high achiever with a very creative mind. I am also a realist. I have learnt that I cannot thrive emotionally or exist in peace, outside of the presence of God. That means I must nurture that presence by spending time with him. In addition, I cannot thrive intellectually or creatively outside of[…]


Pastors, be Understanding

Dear Pastor, Nigerians have been unkind to you. You have become unwitting whipping posts and poster boys for financial profligacy, snake oil magic tricks, hedonistic pride and the dark art of killing enemies. That is unfortunate. Many of you truly love God. You did not go into ministry for money, power or fame. Therefore, I[…]


Gender Privilege

It is difficult to shake off privilege. It is even harder to explain it to those who enjoy it. I see a few goodhearted men writing posts about sharing responsibilities at home, being participatory fathers and not dominating women. This is great. So many are becoming “woke” and we must celebrate this. But here’s the[…]


In-Store or Online Shopping?

I’m keenly watching Amazon (2016 Market Cap: $471b; Revenue: $136b; Assets: $83b) and Walmart (Market Cap: $237b; Revenue: $486b; Assets: $199b). I’d like to see whose model wins the retail wars – online, in-store or a perfect blend of both. Online shopping is convenient & habitual and focuses on near-limitless choice. In-store shopping is experiential.[…]


Culture is Very Serious

Culture is deep. At its extreme, it is a mindset and willfulness. It is not just a harmless celebration of values, customs, clothing, music, language or food. What was it about the culture of lineage that caused (biblical) Lot’s daughters to sleep with their father, in order to produce heirs? What was it that caused[…]