Pay Attention to How Customers Use Your Brand

Two years ago, I read an article about the media company, ABC. They discovered that a significant number of viewers watched their hit show, Scandal, while concurrently tweeting about it. I discovered a similar phenomenon, when I watched the live broadcast of The Experience Lagos concert, on YouTube. For some reason, instead of watching the[…]

A Flaw in Religion

A flaw in “religion”, is it seems to be designed for what people hope to be. It focuses on ideals, transformation and change. But, it appears to do a terrible job of dealing with people’s current realities and their every day struggles. Too many times, faith is used as a talisman to escape life. Thus, religion grapples with contemporaneous issues and[…]

Nigeria’s HR Problem is Your Problem!

On Nigerian Twitter, there’s always one controversy or the other, about the poor quality of Nigerian graduates and their misplaced sense of entitlement. May I offer a perspective? Perhaps the entitlement mentality of the younger generation, springs from seeing their forebears rewarded for patronage, ethnicity, nepotism and corruption; instead of hard work. The reasoning thus goes, “If[…]

Some Life Lessons

Invest fast. Sleep less. Be daring. For every American or European platform that rejects you because you are Nigerian, there is a cheaper and more welcoming Asian option. Read. Read. Read. Refuse to work with people who are unreliable and slow. Carry God along as you plan. Don’t leave him behind. Spiritual power and grace are[…]

Is the Bible a Problem?

I’ve been reading the Bible for a long time. Different translations. Several instances. I’ve come to an unsettling realisation that its interpretation, is shaped by intellect, context, culture, history, language, grammar and comprehension. These factors influenced the writers and impact the readers. A deeper layer is what happens, when those who read the Bible, cannot read[…]