Study Notes: Romans 15

Love, the universal law, should guide our actions as Christians. We needn’t hesitate to give up privileges, if they hurt the conscience of a young believer. I imagine that this is how such consideration works in practice – During his earthly ministry, Jesus spoke and walked carefully amongst the mixed multitude, but was freer among[…]


Where Can I Buy Property?

A while ago, I published an article on what you should know before buying property. Since then, I have received requests for property I can recommend, from those who wish to buy. I hesitated for a few reasons. I am a conservative investor. I recommended Money Market Funds because they are guaranteed by Federal Government securities. I recommended FarmCrowdy because it[…]


How You Walk Into a Room

You stride in like the space and everything in it belongs to you. You walk into the room oblivious about everything and everyone but the purpose for which you came. You walk in, adjusting your ill-fitting clothes. You walk in, shy and self-conscious, looking down, until you almost trip over something. You walk in flaunting[…]

Little man

Little Man

Let me share something about investing. In any investment scenario, the little man – the retail investor – always gets the shorter end of the stick. It’s just the way it is. Bulk money commands a higher investment premium than little sums. That is why investment clubs and mutual funds are created – to pool[…]