Economy of Decentralisation

Because of the work I do with blockchain technology and social media, I am keenly aware, that one of the world’s most disruptive forces is decentralisation. Decentralisation is the ability to create, distribute, store and get rewarded for content and information, without recourse to central authorities. It’s about a reliance on voluntary collaborative networks, for data validation[…]


One Conversation With God

When I fool around sexually, God is there. It is doubtful that his presence is a ringing endorsement. Instead, I imagine he’s there to prove that nothing can separate us. His love will pursue me to the ends of the earth. He is that committed to our relationship. I think about Zacchaeus sometimes (as recounted in[…]


Why am I Different?

I am fascinated by the biblical character called, Ruth. She was a Moabitess who married a Jew. When her husband died, she moved to Israel with her mother-in-law, Naomi; leaving culture, family and gods behind. The last item is telling. Those who lived in Canaan were fascinated by gods – Israelites and foreigners alike. The[…]


Thoughts on Cryptocurrency

A look at Google’s top inquiries of 2017, shows that “How to Buy Bitcoin”, came third globally. This surge of interest and the actions that followed, explain why global cryptocurrency exchanges are overwhelmed and why new member verifications, deposits & withdrawals are slow. Meanwhile, those who invested early, have since recovered their principal and made significant returns. Cryptocurrency[…]


Brand Power

I recently commented on a friend’s social media wall, about whether Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank) would lose customers to other banks, over its recent spat with Innoson Motors. Here are my thoughts. I’ve used GTBank’s and other banks’ e-channels. GTBank’s is better. What banks fail to realise is that, if a brand is not technologically superior, this generation won’t[…]


Issa New Year!

Last year, I became afraid of God’s casual statements. Afraid in an exciting and wondrous way. My relationship with God is simplistic. When I need to discuss something important, I spend quality time with him. I read the Bible and while doing so, God speaks to me. I also talk to him in the stillness[…]