5 Weird Things About Me


1. I hate sliced dodo (plaintain). I can only do “party dodo”, the version that’s diced into little pieces. I also hate boiled meat. The closer to burnt the meat is, the better. So barbecue or well fried works best.
2. I always sleep on the side of the bed closest to the door. Maybe it’s for easier¬†access to the bathroom or the need to be closer to the door in case of a fire.
3. I hate mornings. My brain doesn’t catch up with my awake body until 11am.
4. I have a love affair with chinchin (a Nigerian snack made of dough). Chinchin is my cure for sadness, failure, depression…you name it.
5. I went through college without checking my GPA until graduation.

What’s weird about you?

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